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Return semi-moist salmon

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Natural food with semi-moist croquettes more tender, more tasty and more moisturizing than the usual food with dry croquettes.
Retorn feeds are complete, balanced foods with excellent nutritional value. They contain all the essential nutrients necessary for the development of the animal, with balanced ingredients (according to the needs of the animal) and with a medium and constant glycemic index for your dog. The Retorn range is monoproteic, with a single source of high quality animal protein . In this way the risks of possible allergies are minimized and the nutritional value is maintained. It is a range made with ingredients of high biological and nutritive value, very digestible and low allergenic effect. They are also very balanced feed, and contain Omega-3 essential fatty acids (DHA and EPA) that provide countless benefits: they act as anti- inflammatory and lubricant, protect the joints, contribute to heart and circulatory health and provide a shiny and healthy coat.

Format:1.5 kg