Anju Beauté

The history of Anju Beaute began back in 1994, its founders, breeders and exhibitors decided to create their own line of products adapted to care for and beautify the dog's hair.

That is why it is not surprising that the Anju Beaute brand has carved a niche in the bathroom shelves of the best canine hairdressers, breeders and exhibitors

Its first and most important premise is summarized as: "dogs are not human beings", as we already know, the skin and hair of dogs are very different from those of people and that is why they require specific compositions to Do not damage them.

All Anju Beaute products use only natural ingredients of vegetable origin, dermatologically tested to respect the skin and hair, guaranteeing total harmlessness.

The innovative research center of Anju Beate employs the latest advances in cosmetology, with an ester zone where biochemical and veterinary specialists in biocosmetics work to create a high quality product that responds to the needs of each skin type or mantle.