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Anju Whitening

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Anju Beauté Whitening Blancheur Shampoo

Illuminates all white layers with anti-yellowing effect.

Our advice

We recommend applying this pure shampoo in the areas exposed to yellowing and letting it pose. We recommend using this shampoo alone or as a second step in a grooming program.


The unique formula of BLANCHEUR contains active ingredients to improve and illuminate the tone and intensity of the white or mainly white layer. The effect of sublimation of color is obtained from amphoteric surfactant complexes that allow the hair flakes to retain their color during shampooing and maintain it during drying. Chamomile helps fight yellowing naturally, particularly in exposed areas. Provitamins enhance shine and hydration. If the whiteness effect is cumulative, use BLANCHEUR regularly to find or maintain a bright white.